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How To Hold A Softball Bat

What part of your body do you use to hold the bat? You are holding the bat with your hands and not with other parts of your body. There are other body parts that you are going to use in order to swing the bat properly but when it comes to the grip of the […]

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Best Softball Bats Reviews


The softball bat that is available in the market right now is different from the softball bat that was available a decade ago. Aside from the designs that can make softball bats more interesting, technology has drastically made a difference with how the bat can be used. If the bats that were available before were […]

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Choosing A Softball Bat Weight

There are a lot of considerations that you have to pay attention to when you are searching for the right softball bat. Aside from the length and its other components, you also have to pay attention to the weight of your bat.The weight of your bat will play a huge factor on how well you […]

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